A changing world

Digitalization is transforming the way we consume accross all generations.

The automobile industry is no different, posing new challenges for all professionals who need to find new ways of attracting and retaining customers whose needs have involved either B2B or B2C.

From the small independent workshop to the car manufacturer, dealer, startup or software supplier, the goal is no longer to offer a product or a service but an experience.

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Customer satisfaction and loyalty is your core business

With the right information at the right time, your customers get tailormade experiences through all of their car’s lifecyle. Servicing, warranty, lease, legal inspection…  – Transform stressful experiences into simple and qualitative experiences.

Our story

Everything started with the coding of a white-branded app allowing an automotive professional to enrich his customers’ experience. Not only did he become available 24/7, but he could also offer all of his services at anytime to his entire audience.


Simplify your customer journey while multiplying opportunities to connect and speak with your audience.

Through hundreds of meetings with dealers, aftermarket specialists, and software suppliers, we have uncovered needs as diverse as your activities, your customers, and your ambitions.

This is why we offer new services

Tailormade project

Thanks to a strong and reliable tech, we have developed a tailormade offer.


Answer specific and more reliable needs faster, leveraging all the features we have already developed for our own technology.

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Social Media

Through our expertise in social media, we have developed a specific offer to leverage your potential, whether your want to acquire a community, create discussions with your audience or convert your promotional campaigns into sales.


Create a community engaged with your brand as well as its products and services

Come speak to your audience


Limitless creativity and a scientific understanding of branding requirements enable us to offer tailormade support.


Promote your universe through your brand identity.

You are one of a kind, and so is your brand

Our core values

None of this would be possible if Roadbook did not respect a set of fundamental principles which guide our approach.


We are avid supporters of the agile method, which helps anticipate and correct any issue before it arises. Waiting for a problem to arise is not in our DNA.


We all know this: a project does not work if we do not make sure we are very rigorous in all of our missions to transform your initiatives in success stories.


You don’t buy trust, you earn it. We believe in continuous, useful and transparent communication as well as being frank and objective.

Team spirit

We will do our best to exceed your expectations thanks to a variety of backgrounds and expertise. Overall, we strongly support that it is a wonderful opportunity to breed more interactions between people.

Our team

Gather expertise to multiply the field of opportunities

Roadbook has gathered a wide range of expertise through creating strong partnerships with credible entrepreneurs in order to pair a deep understanding of the mobility industry with recognised technical competencies. This allows us maximum agility on all our projects.

We offer the best of both worlds, come join the movement.

We support them

France autotech

France Autotech gathers French startups from the automotive market. Its ambition is to promote this vivid ecosystem to bigger actors of the industry as well as public institutions and allow its members to meet and work together.

Not only has Roadbook joined the movement but our Founder has joined the Bureau as Vice President and Treasurer.

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Partenaire Roadbook


The Wave association was created by women of the automotive sector 11 years ago in order to ensure more diversity in auto and mobility. For several years now, a new wave of startups has emerged that face the same difficulties of parity.

This is why Roadbook, through its Founder, has decided to join Wave’s Bureau to extend the reach of the association’s message, actions and support to the new actors the industry.

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Partenaire Roadbook

They support us