You are one of a kind, and so is your brand

Who you are and what you have to offer

Your brand identity is the name, logo, slogan, style, tone that identifies you at first glance. One can believe that a car dealer sells, services and repairs cars, but it is so much more. A team of dedicated people, values, ecosystem, history, passion, customers… and the list goes on!

Your brand is the story you want to narrate

To do so, it has to represent core aspects of your company:

  • Your history
  • Your promise
  • Your vision

It also has to comply with several variables such as:

  • Being consistent and easily understood;
  • having a meaning that makes it unique;
  • being sustainable through time;
  • being usable in any given situation;
  • being adaptable in size, shape, color;
  • fulfil the goals you set for it;
  • but most of all: you have to like it and recognise yourself in it

Foster attention and discovery

Great brand identity is a unique opportunity to further:

  • Engage your teams
  • Get your customers to further interact with you
  • Invite potential customers to come to you
  • Motivate partners and suppliers to work with you
  • all in an environment they relate to

Your credibility at stake

The shaping of your brand is an exercise which requires an almost scientific approach between semantics, typography, suggestion, shape, colours, singularity. It is the first element of your company that people identify with when they get introduced to your company.

Roadbook, it is a creative expertise to support you in this crucial and exhilirating adventure through a four step approach:


Meetings to learn and understand who your company is and your unique value proposition


As we move forward, we will refine the constitutive elements of your brand


Based on those meetings, we will start making relevant propositions based on the story you want to tell


Once we agree on the final deliverables, we will provide your with the necessary files to promote your brand on all digital and physical vehicles

Artistic management, creative execution, consulting, we are by your side to allow your brand to become a pillar of your activities according to your budget.

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