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Online sales, a reality!

Online subscriptions and payments have become an unavoidable aspect of sales from music to groceries, banking or vacations. Having an online presence is one thing, but instantly converting your leads has become paramount.

Attention window in constant decline

We collectively expect immediate answers when interested in a product or service. Buy, book, call, get information… These are realities that all mobility actors also have to face.

Your visitors expect to have control over their experience

Four minutes: that is the average time a visitor focuses on a product or offer. Beyond those four minutes, you are about 80% less likely to convert your lead. This is why callback forms are becoming less and less relevant to your sales success.

The goal is simple: allow you to transform any type of interest into sales or meetings while your visitors are engaged.

One tech, multiple applications

As soon as your website or app visitor stops on one of your products or services, allow him to buy, book a meeting, click & collect or talk to you instead of only getting the possibility to give his contact information to be called back.

And there are many applications: car discovery, accessory or aftermarket campaign, car servicing, B2B meeting etc.

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