Your customer app, essential to support a richer relationship

Why an app?

After all, we could have chosen a website, or something else. We chose an app because we are convinced that your customers want simple, relevant and connected experiences with their trusted third party.

To achieve this, digitalisation accessible anytime, anywhere, is the strongest and most adequate asset.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty at the center of your activities

Through the right information at the right time, your customers can finally benefit from a unique relationship with you through their car’s entire lifecycle. Servicing, warranty, end of lease, legal inspection… transform stressful experiences into simple and qualitative ones.

Leverage the full potential of your additional sales

New product launch, seasonal campaign, limited offer or prominent news. Maximize your communication potential by having direct contact with your customers through their app and notifications.

Never miss an opportunity. You are now available 24/7

Make your activities available at all times through your app, a simple medium through which your customer will access your products and services anytime, anywhere, while allowing your teams to save time.

Optimise your processes

Give your customers control by syncronising all your current tools (workshop planning, used car platform, DMS…), allowing your teams to save time and focus on the most important: supporting your existing and future customers.

Standard features

  • Notification
  • Online booking
  • File storage (invoices, media, photo scan…)
  • Loyalty program
  • Offers (cars, accessories, workshop, campaigns)
  • Chat

The Roadbook app - two years of working with you to develop our secret sauce

Countless hours spent with you to understand each area of expertise, tools, know-how and customer and team needs to develop a simple, relevant and comprehensive CRM.

For your app, the only limit is your imagination

Concierge program, upgraded loyalty program, on-demand car rental, marketing automation… We will  adapt to your needs and wants by coding tailormade features that will align with your ambitions and success strategy.

Ready to build your app ?

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